Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode 16

Welcome to Episode 16, where we get a bit Into The Spirit with an almost-KAL/CAL, a little gossip, and a suggestion for a good nap! (That's Quechua and Domingo after their last shave!)

What's on My Hook/Needles: Same 5 projects!
Strategy: Sleep on It
Something I Really Like: Knit 1, Save 1
Blather: Of the podcast’s statistics, my gratitude, and some fuss at work.


jo said...

ask and ye shall receive

the thread's up on Rav

Julie D. said...

I left this over at your other spot and was wondering why there aren't any comments ... then found THIS spot so copied it over. :-)

I just discovered your podcast, funnily enough because it showed up as a "Listeners also subscribed to..." on iTunes for my podcast.

LOVE your podcast and will be featuring it on mine very soon ... probably the week right after Thanksgiving. Can't believe I hadn't heard of it before but better late than never right? :-)

Julie D.

Gemma said...

Jo: thanks for the thread!

Julie D.--Ohhhh, I;ve been hunting for your podcast for a looong time. I love CraftLit, so I knew I'd have to try to remember your title good of you to come along and help me! There's NOTHING like being read to while knitting!

Anonymous said...

*waving* Hello from Germany :-)


Julie D. said...

Oh, now I feel all warm and fuzzy! :-)

Just listening to your Halloween show with "This is the end, my sweet friend." I love that Willowsong reached out to give you that final hug goodbye. (That is Happy Catholic Julie D. talking, btw, NOT Forgotten Classics Julie D. ha!):-)

Anyway, I'm hooked and will be definitely featuring you on my next episode ... I'll send a link. Or put it in your comments since your email isn't around ... which I can definitely understand. Cheers!

Julie D. said...

Also, don't want to keep going on about that Halloween podcast but as I've just finished listening ... I think that one might also look at that grandmother's death in this way. Perhaps that trip spent with the granddaughter was something she'd been needing to do for some time, she knew it, and finally got the grace to take over ... because she was going to die no matter what at her appointed time. Seen in that way, it becomes a story of redemption for everyone, not a terrible slap in the face. :-)

Gemma said...

Howdy, scannersblog! Welcome! Where in Germany?

Thanks, JulieD!!! I love your interpretation of those events!