Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 13 is Live!

A new cast of continuing characters from work and a stunning desert sunset, all wrapped up in this single episode for you.

What's On My Hook/Needles:
Annie's Woolens Stockings Kits That's Annie's picture of the one I am making...

A Strategy: Yoga
Yoga Journal's Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden

A Morning Cup of Yoga (suggested by listener HappyMe2--Thanks!)

Something I Really Like: Crochet Today magazine

Blather: More About My New Location

1 comment:

jo said...

Yay for stockings! You could host a wee knit/cro along in the spirit of the holidays. I want to play! I want to knit a xmas stocking. Yours will be way more intricate than mine, but it's the spirit that matters! Besides, isn't that what all that sparkly holiday yarn is for!

Also, you used some yoga terms that are unfamiliar, maybe you could tell us a little more about that. I'd definitely like to learn more.