Friday, November 28, 2008

Episode 17 is Live

Welcome to Episode 17,It's a lengthier one, recorded before the Thanksgiving Interlude Episode and uploaded on Black Friday....That's my cat, Dough, who was a kitten when this was taken, and is now 20 years old and still a kitten.
What's on My Hook/Needles: Same things as ever lately, but some progress on the Vest and the Unique Sheep socks.
Strategy: Gathering Evidence/Running an Experiment, Part One
Something I Really Like: Polarized, Prescription Sunglasses--With Horn-Rims!
Blather: How mental health clinicians do diagnosis and some updates on the Cast of Colleagues


jo said...

The future's so bright she's gotta wear shades.

Gemma said...

Nah, the blindness is so likely that I gotta wear shades!

jo said...

But that's not a song lyric, like:

Who ya gonna call?