Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 15 Has Been Kidnapped!

By sheer tedium. It was so awful, I need to try again. Stay tuned!


FiberGeek said...

It does not have to be perfect. We are just glad you do it!

LindyLou said...

.herI've listened to the first ten (plus 10A) of your podcast today and listen to the rest tomorrow.
I can't quite believe that you'd be able to record an uninteresting podcast even if you tried. I very much appreciate the strategies for living and one was most helpful today. Wow! Handling life is much harder than knitting. Thank you Dr. Gemma!

jo said...


(to the same chant as Sara Lee!:

Ep 15! Ep 15!

Gemma said...

As always, you all rock. Obviously, I have somehow selected for a highly humane and intelliget audience... ;-)

jo said...

a thought that just occurred to me: a questions segment.

i'm sure hundreds of listeners have questions for you on all kinds of topics. between here and ravelry, i'm sure you could collect plenty of them, and maybe answer them in the podcast. Jason and Grant (Ghosthunters) have a similar segment on their radio show "Beyond Reality". and i know the interaction would be awesome.

"Ask Dr. Gemma"

Gemma said...

Hmmmm...a thoughtful and intelligent idea, but I do have to be careful not to diagnose or mislead with too little info...I need to think about that. What I WOULD suggest is that y'all write questions here, but you'd have to live with the reality that I may not be legally able to answer them here, even if I wanted to...

jo said...

i was banking on the fact that you would be able to choose the questions to answer and all that.

For that matter, many questions might not even be psych-related.

Like: What's your all-time favorite colorway? Fave fiber?

Project you are most proud of?

What's it like to have llamas as pets?

And i think you still owe me a story about "the time a group of you spent a week hiking around County Cork with a horse and wagon/camper…"