Friday, January 4, 2013

Episode 152 Buying Time


So we knitted mittens as quickly as possible for the Little Guy, who was fascinated that I was doing this for him...

Celebrating our listeners who have joined the CogKnitive 25 – , 50 –, and 75 – Bear Clubs for MBP. You can see who they all are right here. Great work!

Have YOU completed 25, 50, or 75 bears for Mother Bear Project? Send me your snail and a link to your Ravelry projects page, and CogKnitive will send you a special wristband to celebrate with you.

Celebrating the addition of KathyG to the 25 Bear Club and KellyJoGirl to the 50 Bear Club!

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The Annual CogKnitive Mother Bear project CAL/KAL will run from Jan1, 2013 until I get to Stitches West in late February. Get your materials ready!

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:

Still in Progress:

The Tehachapi Project Shawl. In part one of the D chart section!

Bear #27 for the CAL/KAL.

Scraptacular 3 and Son of Scraptacular (IV) are back in production.

Mittens for the Little Guy whipped up from his choice of yarn and color--Vanna's Choice, honey--during last week's snow storm. I added initials and a cord crocheted to go through neck and arms of coat so that he cannot lose the mittens easily. This prompted a positive comment from the designer, Ann Budd!

Dizzy Blondes:

Finished a single from Red Fish Dye Works' 50/50 SF Merino and Silk on the Jensen.

Started a random batt of silvery brown alpaca that I just had lying in stash--not one of my herd.

Hypersensitive folks: when in doubt, stick to a routine and use the To-do list/Worry Workbook.

Something I Really Like:
My new bag from Namaste and the Loopy Ewe! The Mini-Messenger, which is anything but mini.

Put A  Lid On It:
Ringing in the New Year, while trying not to strangle the Mallard over eggplant pickle.

Mother Bear CAL/KAL update., looking forward to Stitches West, WAAAHHH! for busy.

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