Sunday, October 9, 2011

Episode 115 is Live! CFR2011 recap Part Two


Here we are, back at the recap of the CogKnitive Fiber Retreat 2011 (CFR2011).

Here are Nathan (Straphanging) and Loretta (Loretta1031) at the registration table, welcoming the attendees, as you heard briefly at the end of the last episode:



Here are our classes for this year:

10 AM--11AM: Navajo Plying--Ann (StashyMomma)
11AM to Noon: Tatting--StephieJo StephieJo)
2 PM-3:30: Build your own hanging loom--Mindy (HeyMindy)
3:30--5PM: Japanese art of ribbon making Kumihimo from Sandy (slkwvr) of RedFish Dye Works


We sent 25 bears and $397 to Mother Bear Project!!

We are so proud and VERY GRATEFUL to all you Bear Makers! Of course, anyone who contributed a bear got a free ticket for every bear to our spectacular raffles for 3 gorgeous and loaded baskets of fibery and jam-n-jelly goodies!

Here are Mindy (HeyMindy) and Jamie (Jamie's Metalworks) working on the loom that Mindy taught us all to make for weaving:


Dinner was at either Don Juan's or King of Siam. Here are some pix from King of Siam (Thai food), where I happened to land that evening. The staff there remembered us from last year and said farewell to us by calling "See you next year!".

Carrie, Eileen, Loree and Ann graced my table and kept me laughing all through the meal.


Mary and Barb never forget that we are all here to KNIT!!


A first- and a second-, and a third-timer all bonding over Thai food:


YES! We ARE having fun!!


And then: the after-dinner gathering to spin, knit, crochet, tat, kumihimo, and to fix antique wheels.

I am pleased to say that I got Alexis' new wheel--circa 1870 from Czechoslavakia--back to spin. here she is, admiring it. the pieces are all labelled to help her with re-assembly once she gets it home:


I was pretty pleased myself and took the moment to pose with my handiwork:


We all sat up until nearly 1 AM on Saturday evening, just enjoying Ann's late harvest cherry wine and Lisa's superb home-brewed mead.

On Sunday morning we finally had to say goodbye--but not until we held what Nathan dubbed "The Steering Committee" meeting at the Village Gril. There a group of oldtimers and one newbie (Allsion 1031 of The Hollywood Knitter Podcast) hammered out the schedule and plans for CFR2012. And here they are, as they stand right now.

Mark your calendars for October 13th and see you there!!

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