Monday, September 14, 2009

Episode 10--reposting

This is a re-posting of the original Episode 10, for everyone who cannot get it from Itunes or

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Selma said...

Hey there Dr G. I dropped a you post via Ravelry last year when I discovered your podcast. I had just starting riding my scooter (past Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park) - I'm a U.K. listener. Well I recently upgraded from 50cc engine to a geared 125cc bike. My new mode of transport means I haven't listened to you as regularly I used to, but my new bike (he's called Victor) got a bit water logged the other day and I've had to drop him off at the garage. I've been taking the bus to work for the past 2 days and back enjoying your podcast. I'm so glad you're still going strong a year later! Keep it up.