Friday, March 6, 2009

New Podcast Service Provider--PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Okay, I am done with 3 days of no response to a serious problem, and then an email to a podcaster saying "we don't answer emails about problems because our service is free."

So we are shifting, as of RIGHT NOW, to I am uploading Epsiode 35 as I type this.

The blog will remain at its current home at

but the direct downloads will now be at:

Episode 35 and all subsequent episodes will be appearing on Libsyn. I will need to change the Itunes title to:
CogKNITive Podcast

So if you are an Itunes user, go to the new page and subscribe to download the episodes starting with 35 and concerning Stitches West '09 (except for the one about driving up there).

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