Saturday, March 7, 2009

Episode 36 is live! On LibSyn!

Now live on libsyn! get this episode there!

My most recent addiction--crocheted granny squares

What's On My Hook/Needles: The ripple afghan, the cowl, the sock, baby blanket squares, spinning, and why I won't be at Stitches West (I turned out to be, after all.)

A Strategy: Creative Journaling

Something I Really Like: daydreaming--fiber-get-together on the farm

Freckleface Fibers on Etsy

Blather: I've been adopted by the maximum security AdSeg Unit on 4A


sheepr4knitting said...

I usually update the podcasts in one chunk . This time I noticed the change, and am still unable to get episode 33 from the old site, but I did subscribe to the new podcast, and at the same time left a review on iTunes. Dr. Gemma needs our support! It reads: "I too look forward to Dr. Gemma every week! She is professional, kind, caring, and lets her down-to-earth, fun personality come through. A natural optimist, I always feel better after listening to her, even after "sad" episodes! Along with sharing her life and observations--which she does in such an emotionally honest way you come to know and love her--Dr. Gemma really cares about her listeners, and provides tangible psychological support, which you wouldn't think possible in such a public arena." Thank you DR. Gemma! Linda in Vegas

yoli said...

I LOVED that section of creative journaling. I know it's good to journal but I just can't force myself to write about all the boring things I did everyday! At one point I did something similar to what you suggested: just forced myself to fill a page each night with whatever I wanted, and found that to be really calming. It helped me to be creative in a tangible way. I think using your prescription of something that describes my day will make it easier for me to start doing that again. Sometimes there's nothing scarier than a blank page, but obviously my day wasn't blank so I can use that to fill it. :)