Saturday, March 7, 2009

Itunes--how to subscribe to the podcast from libsyn

Thanks to texaspurlgurl for this wisdom. I tried it and it works:

Open your iTunes. On the top of the page click Advanced and then choose "Subscribe to podcast. A box will come up asking you to put a URL in the box to subscribe to a podcast. Put this URL in the box: and click OK and it should download instantly.

And it did! It was even titled "Cogknitive podcast"!

Thanks, Dawn!!
Meanwhile, I have submitted the podcast to Itunes with its new feed under the title "CogKNITive Podcast". It should be listed there, under the new title with its own page and everything, in a few days.

Now everyone go over there and gimmee some good reviews. Pretty please?? As soon as the new page, called "CogKNITive Podcast, is up...

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