Sunday, April 15, 2012

out-takes: April 2012 news of CogKnitive events!


Yes, that's my Jedi hubby preparing for a light sabre duel. As you can see, we are busy here in CogKnitive land defending the universe, so it's tough to squeeze in a podcast episode right now!

CFR2012: sign-ups for anyone who has attended ANY previous CFR begins on June 1st. Sign-ups for everyone else begin July 1st. Instructions for how to sign up are in this episode. We anticipate having more spaces than usual, due to my shamelessly taking advantage of my experienced attendees to help teach!

Fund-raising for the podcast begins May 1 and ends on May 31st. One ticket for the raffle per dollar donated. Prizes include a lace-weight Zauberball in cherry reds and at least one 4 ounce braid of FreckleFaceFiber's lovely yellow fiber in merino. More prizes may well be added.

We have wristbands as prizes for you wondeful people who have completed at least 25 bears for Mother Bear! Instructions on how to claim yours are in this episode. These are free and are a reward for your dedication!


"Okay, now I AM a bit bovvered!" The lovely barn owl, BTW, is looking carefully at my son, who is fidgeting as 5-year-olds will.

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