Monday, April 5, 2010

Episode 81 is live!

CFR 2009 souvenir shawlette

Ah, a new FO at last! Here is the finished crocheted shawlette made from Freckle Face Fibers' Kimono Sock yarn in the Tehachapi in Autumn colorway developed for the 2009 CogKNITive Fiber Retreat.

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: YES! I am ALMOST finished the 2nd of my bamboo-blend socks . On to the BTS#3 and my languishing Daybreak Shawl. Also, go check out Wabi Sabi yarns.

Dizzy Blonde: Aeventid is still packed up as I redo her home in my studio!

Strategy: Affording yarn-relayed hobbies in a recession, Part One: Dealing with podcasters talking about their new yarns. and don't miss The Unique Sheep!

Something I Really Like: The Flip camcorder

Blather: The Ad/Seg is full and our caseloads are rising. Bring on the Spring!


milmom said...

That shawlette is lovely! I really enjoy your podcast, and kind of missed that there was no real "strategy" this time.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the buzzing when you record in the mobile recording studio, do you have the recorder charging via the cigarette lighter as you are recording? It's just a thought as I tend to get buzzing in the speakers when I'm listening to my podcasts via my telephone when it's charging in the car.

Gemma said...

Sandikins: thanks for the suggestion! I am going crazy trying to figure out the buzz, so any ideas are appreciated. No, I am not actively charging the recorder when I record, but I will see if I am charging anything else as I record and that makes the buzz. Because I DO recharge things as I drive and it may be buzzing my radio speakers, which are close to the mic!

BV said...

I just wanted to add home I'm knitting through the recession. The only yarns I buy are from LYS as I want to help them ride out the recession, as it's important to me they be here when the recession ends. It's not much support I can offer, but what I have goes there.

I've begun shopping at consignment shops for sweaters to recycle into yarn. I'll check for fiber, construction (must be knit & seamed *not* knit fabric, cut & sewn), and mark down. In this way I've assembled a large stash of fingering and worsted weight wools, enough to generously stock my children's 4-H club knitting group and my daughter's Girl Scout troop. For a much smaller amount than I used to spend I can deck out a dozen kids *and* empower them by teaching them to knit and modeling creative problem solving and practical budgeting. For the recycled yarn price ($2-3 per sweater's worth 100% wool) we can freely dye not being anxious about mistakes. Freedom from worry is a great bargain!

One thing that had me tickled was a blood red consignment sweater of 100% cashmere in lace weight yarn. It was marked down to $8.00. I was able to knit my mother the Ice Queen smoke ring from Knitty Winter 2007. It's a pattern I've adored for years but didn't fit my lifestyle or budget. I tell you I feel so rich knitting with luxury fibers in lean times. :-)