Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Episode 77 Coming soon from the road!

Stitches road crew
We are all off to Stitches West tomorrow!

Thanks to ShirleeClaire, HeyMindy, and Pudmuddles!

I am happily packing for Stitches West. I now have the detailed map, booth by booth, highlighted in my Excel program, so I don't miss the booths I REALLY want.

You can get yours at the thread stickied to the top of the Stitches West group on Rav.

I have my printed out class receipt for my market classes Friday & Sunday mornings. I have my bears and other people's for Mother Bear (booth 111).

I have a spare discount coupon, so if you find me and ask, you can have it. I have my market ticket from online for Saturday.

I have my wheel packed and my bobbins empty--cause I might need to spin up some new pretty I get there or learn something from my excellent hostesses.

I have my coupons, gift cards, etc. in my main bag--shop till I drop!

I have my class supplies all packed up, the yarn wound into center-pull balls and the right needles in the bag.

Clothes? I need clothes? Dang--off to do some laundry...oh yeah, the DH did most of the laundry while I was at work Sunday, to help me along!

I expect to record on the drive up, so hopefully I will edit and post that on Wednesday or early Thursday.

See y'all soon!

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