Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Out-Takes: Chatting with Dawn of KNP

Here is a lengthy out-take episode, in which Dawn of Knit Naturally and Knit Naturally Podcast and I cover every subject under the sun.


Weave, Spin, Dye - Oh My said...

Dr. Gemma,

I love this podcast! Hearing you talk about the fire that almost burned up your farm was horrible and fascinating at the same time. It was also fun listening to you talk Chaucer on CraftLit. Very cool stuff! One of my ex's also majored in Engl. Lit. and was very adept at ye Olde English. I love to listen to it but can't understand much, I have to admit. It's very easy on the ears.


Melissa said...

People who use dpn's are normal too. Come on. You're a psychologist, right?