Thursday, June 11, 2009

Episode 49 is Live!

josoxBellatrix made socks from my first handspun sock yarn (from Dyeing for Colour's fiber)--and I stole her picture to show you!

What's On My Hook/Needles: I am on Sock #2 for Sock Queen!
No crocheting this week.
Spinning this week--Corriedale cross fiber from Cosmic Fibers Yarns
Lisa Souza Elektra

A Strategy: Anger 101--Developing the anger plan--postpone action if it's not a real emergency

Something I Really Like: College and My Favorite Movie!

Blather: Oh no! Noser makes Little Red crazy and California is being ripped off by its own legislature and judiciary. Maybe I'll learn to prescribe meds...(?!) Heaven help you all!


B said...

Dr Gemma - Could you say something to those who are on Ravelry disappointed about Sock Summit? Please give us an action plan we could use or a way of thinking about this. There have been not too nice comments thrown toward the organizers who do not really desire this and they are doing all they can to try to make everyone happy which we know is just not possible. I think a good word from you would help many of us who so faithfully follow your podcast. Thanks.

FiberGeek said...

You played a promo in this or maybe in #48 for another podcast about knitting and cooking, but I don't recall the name. Would you please add that to the show notes? Thanks