Sunday, May 24, 2009

Episode 46 is Live!

I am finally through with the emerald green superwash felted stuff--it made some pretty nice sock weight.

What's On My Hook/Needles: I'm cranking out the Sideways Hat from Sandi Rossner's pattern. No crocheting this week. A brief mention of the lovely yarn from the Unique Sheep's Lord of the Strings yarn club. No new spinning this week.

A Strategy: Anger 101--Llama logic.
Something I Really Like: The Angeles Crest Forest and other LA-area wild country..
Blather: Who is still with us at work and some other details. Aloha to Magic, Earnest, and Black.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I love the insight into lamas.

Nathalie said...

Llama logic? Like, spit on things when they piss you off?? Awesome!

Ok, ok, I'll go listen to the episode...

Lisa said...

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