Saturday, April 25, 2009

Episode 41

Yee-ha! New corriedale cross fiber and a skein of Nefarious sock yarn ("Jim Jones") from Cosmic Fibers. Great stuff! Go raid the etsy shop! Link below.

What's On My Hook/Needles: Nearly done the knitted cowl, not much on anything else--still knitting- monogamous. I'm still spinning fiber from Dyeing for Colour and the fabulous Lisa Souza Batt "Elektra". The lazy kate from SpinSanity is my new yarn-processing best pal.
A Strategy: Anger 101--Triggers and containment.
Something I Really Like: The "Golden Moments" at dawn and sunset.
Blather: DharmaFey of Socks In the City and Cosmic Fibers, and Bellatrix between them save me after a harrowing event.


Knitlark said...

Hi Dr G,
Thanks so much for mentioning my podcast, Knitlark Lane. I really appreciate it.

I was sorry to hear on your podcast that Erin (Spinnerin) will not be podcasting any more on Faery Knits reading fairy tales to us. I will miss her and hope she is ok.

I had thought of reading fairy tales and folk tales, but I did not want to encroach on what she was doing. Maybe I will add some of these from time to time as a bonus -- if I have the space on libsyn. :)

I have fixed Episode 6, so it should be downloadable now.

Again, thank you. Love each episode of your podcast.

Gemma said...

Thanks, Celeste! I will go back and try to reload the missing epsiode 6!