Sunday, February 22, 2009

Episode 34 is live

**REPAIRED VERSION NOW LOADED**--delete the previous copy from your Itunes or podcast aggregator and then ask the aggregator to update the podcast, and you should get the new version. Thanks for your patience!
1styarn2.jpg I call it "yarn"--my first hand spinning.

What's On My Hook/Needles: The ripple afghan, the cowl, the sock, and, yes, alas! I have begun to use a drop spindle.

A Strategy: Managing the Winter Blues: Use cheerful, upbeat music to raise your mood

Something I Really Like: The movie Wall*E

Blather: Voted off the island!


Yarn a Day said...

Hi ya!
I recently found your podcast while browsing through itunes and I am playing catchup listening to old episodes. I am up to 13 now. :)
I just wanted to send you a good word and tell you I quite enjoy listening and find you soothing, and calming to listen to. I think this is one of the best podcasts suited to me. I have been on the fence between taking up a psychology degree and taking the artistic plunge of opening my own business/gallery. This is a nice, non-dramatic, insight into the field just hearing your day to day in it's simplest form. You have a kind spirit that comes out in how you speak and a great sense of humour. Keep up the lovely podcast. I will be tuning in. :)

Pretentious Wombat said...

How about "Episode 34 is Dead"? I was so looking forward to listening today since I couldn't get it to download last night. You dangled the carrot in front of me and then *poof* snatched it away! Bad podcaster. ;-)


Gemma said...

Thank you Yarnaday.

And, yes, Pretentious Wombat, you have now seen the dark side of kindly Dr gemma..Eeeeeevill Dr Gemma!

But it's reloaded as I type this!

DragonMommie said...

Dr. Gemma... I love your first spun! Don't worry about the unevenness or slubby-ness... But what you absolutely must do, is make something for yourself and keep it for yourself. Very important. I am also a new spinner and a friend told me that, so what I am making is a turtle and the shell of it is my First-Spun. I will keep it on my desk so that I can fondle my handiwork... and it can double as a pin cushion...Debbie

Sarah said...

I had to go back and listen to you talk about your first yarn spinning experience because I'm in exactly the same place as you right now. I laughed out loud and it made me feel so much better to not be alone in my bad spinning!