Monday, February 9, 2009

Episode 32 is Live

IMG00361.jpg The baby blanket that really is a giant granny square with a border.

What's On My Hook/Needles: Creeping along at a dead stop on the Endless Cowl and the Paca-Peds sock. Crocheting like the wind on the rippled afghan from the Vanna's Choice book and on a baby blanket that is really a giant granny square, from the same book.

A Strategy: Managing the Winter Blues: News Diet

Something I Really Like: Reverting to the medieval wardrobe staple that is the leather carrying belt.

Blather: Negative Itunes Review and Client/Patient Definitions


susan93940 said...

Thanks so much for the podcast. Too many people in charge of public TV's think they are doing a service by providing CNN news. CNN is the most crazy-making, terrorizing broadcasts among all the syndicated news broadcasters in my opinion. I was sitting in a Dr's office and CNN was on. Over and over it repeated the story of a child who was killed/raped/murdered or some other horrifying thing. Children came into the waiting room, so I went up to reception and told them that they needed to turn the channel. Do you believe that CNN was their only channel? So, by mutual agreement they turned it off. I gave up my television years ago. The broadcasters never caught on to why viewership is dropping--d'uh.

For the nasty review, most everyone with two or more brain cells can see the positive reviews and judge the possible age of the person writing a negative review. The power-trip of a negative review is overwhelmingly tempting to the child knitter.

Keep on podcasting, because adults are interested in what you have to say.

susan93940 on Ravelry

Gemma said...

Wow. Thanks.

Nuurdygirl said...

Completely unrelated to this episode......

I had such a good giggle at the craft store today thanks to you! I was looking for some knitty-yarny-gifty-stuff, and THERE IT WAS!!! RAILROAD YARN!!! I stood in the aisle and tried desperately to pull myself together.....

I failed. I laughed. I got awesome looks from the frumpy ladies at the fabric cutting counter. I thought about picking up said yarn as the gift item, but then thought that my dear recipient friend might think I had a death wish for him.

Thanks! You made my night!!