Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life Strategies: Episodes 1-30

Episode: Strategy:
1 Knit/Crochet
2 Self-Talking
3 Breathing
4 Baby Steps
5 Thought Stopping
6 Distraction
7 Making Lists
8 Meditation
9 Secret Weapons
10 Use your Holidays
11 Just Keep Swimming
12 Exercise
13 Yoga
14 Reframing
15 Reality testing
16 Sleep on it
17 Gathering Evidence
18 Conduct an Experiment
19 Rehearsal
20 Holiday Strategies I: Establish a schedule for the holidays
21 Holiday Strategies II: Eating strategies: self-talk & storage containers avoid “Last Supper Syndrome”
22 Holiday Strategies III: Budgeting for and thinking about gifts
23 Holiday Strategies IV: How to reschedule when you need to let someone down gently and Broken Record
24 How to Apologize
25 Apologies, part 2–When the recipient won’t accept the apology
26 Apologies, part 3–Forgive and a Modified Forget
27 Dolittle’s Theory: Don’t borrow trouble
28 The Woes of Divorce
29 You Can’t Win If You Don’t Try
30 Sleep Hygiene

1 comment:

Renée said...

Hi Dr. Gemma,
Big fan your podcast. Where were you when my daughter was diagnosed? (Bipolar) Could have used your strategies instead of going into the numb comatose state of shock that I went into! LOL Anyway, I am enjoying those strategies now. Didn't realize just how many I had already been putting into use since learning the hard way how to cope with the tough stuff of life. Like "thought stopping" "baby steps""distaction" "breathing". I have a list of your strategies in a memo on my Blackberry now, so I can refer to the list for ideas if I need them! Thanks so much for your fun banter. Helps me realize how often I tend to take myself way too seriously and need to just have fun and calm down! :)