Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Episode 26 is Live

What's On My Hook/Needles: A shawl of railroad yarn (that's the last one I attempted, in the attached photo, trying to kill me) and more scrapping with crochet

A Strategy: Apologies, part 3--Forgive and a Modified Forget

Something I Really Like: Color It Beautiful Afghans (to Crochet)

Blather: Responses to previous segment regarding why we stash beyond what we need or even really want--theories


terrymhp said...

Oh cool, you picked my question to answer. I am famous by association! I was expecting to hear cognitive strategies for derailing repetitive thoughts (i.e. dwelling on something hurtful that was said, etc.), but you went the forgive/forget direction. Interesting, thanks.

Tessera (on Ravelry)

Karen said...

Hi Dr.Gemma,
Great meeting you at Stitches West 2011. Got to hear your newest podcast. That would be so neat if you did not work at the prison. You do not need that stress to affect your health. I want to go to your retreat one year my friend Bonnie, who you met with me. Love your show. Take Care Karen