Sunday, December 21, 2008

Episode 23 is Live

What's On My Hook/Needles: Finished the socks, finished the vest, nearly done the stocking, reviving projects in hibernation

A Strategy: Holiday Strategies IV: How to reschedule when you need to let someone down gently and Broken Record

Something I Really Like: The comforts of great literature:
Dante's Inferno
Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Austen's Persuasion
Literary podcasts:
Faery Knitting
Stitches in Time
Forgotten Classics

Blather: Still on the island, possibly with Satan's butt, in the snow!

Also, please donate $1 through PayPal to Nicole's Wheelchair--a contest until January 3rd!!!
2 skeins of that luscious Koigu KPPPM pictured above as a prize!

Please respond here if you give. Respond with an amount if you give more than $1. ALL responses with donations of at least $1 get a share in the raffle for this luscious Koigu!


Gemma said...

From our own ToadyJo:

It’s 3am, I worked til 1am, and I’m half dead asleep here, but listening to you while I get ready to sleep (yay, thanks). Just wanted to say I have some Wollmeise, and probably something else of general yarn lust interest, to donate. I’ll also donate via paypal, probably tomorrow.

OK your show is over, my eyes are super heavy, and I’m going to sleep now… but I know if I don’t write you now I’ll forget, so… remind me! :)

Thanks, g’nite!

o_O said...


Haven't listened to the podcast yet (surfing the web at work... it's quiet!) but read the above and had to donate, a small donation from many will make such a difference to her life. Thanks for helping out :) (I donated $10 American dollars)

Greg Garstka said...

I donated $5 to this worthy cause. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

I donated $10...what a great cause :)

Gemma said...

Gregory & HeyJulie--

Would you like to be in the yarny raffle? And many thanks for the donations!

Holly said...

Hi Gemma,

Love the podcast. Just wanted to let you know that I donated 10 bucks to Nicole's wheelchair fund. I think it's great that you are promoting a lesser known worthy cause. I'd love to be in on the raffle, but if I'm too late, I understand!