Monday, January 11, 2021

Episode 10: Stress Management Basics

Taking the broadest view right now.


Podcasters: Please feel free to excerpt or use this information as useful. I would be happy to send you an MP3 file if you want to embed bits. All use is only for the relief of stress. No copyright is allowed for purposes of insurrection or sedition, with the understanding that the incoming government of President-elect Joe Biden is recognized here as the legal government.

Please do not use the information herein to self-diagnose. If you have questions about mental health, please contact a licensed mental health provider.

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Warm Thanks Dept:
Thanks to AMarshall1023 for the inspiration. Your wisdom is always appreciated!
And Jasmin and Tink!

Stress Management after an Attempted Coup:

I. Radical Acceptance
--goal: if you cannot make it better, don't make it worse
--This may not be your fault, but it is your problem. So you still need to deal with it as calmly as you can manage
--Not coping makes life harder for everyone around you

II. Reality Testing

STOP WATCHING the violence. You may traumatize yourself and others even more.
Use age-appropriate language to talk to your children.

--Biden won the popular vote.
--Most Americans understand this and will abide by it.
--Most Americans do not want violence and want a peaceful life.
--You are most likely a safe distance from the scene of the terrorism.

III. What Can I Do for Stress (excluding political activity)?

Avoid: sugar, alcohol, MJ, inebriating substances in general (caffeine as well)
Reconnect with like-minded people
Breathe deeply. 4-5-8 "Army Breathing": Inhale for 4, Hold for 5, Exhale for 8
Sleep Enough
--Army Breath, Sleep apps (Calm), Breathing apps (Breathe), ambient or nature sounds
Hobbies that reduce Stress:
--Good: journal, draw, color
--Best: Knit, Crochet, Spin. play musical instrument

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