Thursday, September 23, 2010

Episode 96 at Last!

Working in my office today

Hey Look!!! It's my new office for private practice!

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CogKNITive Fiber Retreat OFFICIAL DATE: Saturday October 2, 2010! Go check out the main CFR 2010 thread on Ravelry for details. We are on the waitlist, which is at 6 names right now.

My warmest thanks to Susan of KnitAJourney Podcast for the delightful chat and interview, which you can find here. It was a blast for me, Susan--thanks for making me sound so coherent!

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: The list:

The Daybreak Shawl is done!!!
Ishbel Shawl --I haven't returned to it yet.
The Argante Shawl--Not this month.
The Traveling Woman Shawl--I crashed and started it in my gogeous Squash Blossom SW Merino from Lisa Souza.

Dizzy Blondes:

Zarzuela's Fibers--Stormy Dawn
stormy dawn plied

Lisa Souza Knits--Umbria
umbria plied

Freckle Face Fibers (fiber courtesy of Jasmin of the Knitmores--Thanks!)--Scottish Thistle
fff singles

Dyeing for Colour--mixed blues pencil rovings
SW merino blue stripes

Blue Moon Fiber Arts:--Atomic 6
atomic6 handspun

OMG!!! KnittingBrow and PhotoSteve actually declared September 8  to be "Dr. Gemma Appreciation Day"! I'm not kidding! I had my own day and everything! What a cool 50th birthday present! It's right here. And don't worry--it's never too late to appreciate me (insert smirk).

Strategy: Follow your bliss. Expect delays and detours. But follow your bliss!

Something I Really Like:  My new office. A room of one's own, indeed.
Blather: Ch--ch-ch-changes.... I squeal at last on the the rotten team-mates to the Chief Psychologist and his Assistant, I crash brutally, I see lots of doctors, I get a lot of love and support, and I get a private practice. And I study chemistry like a madwoman. Top it all off with an emotional and heartfelt expression of gratitude at getting to turn 50 and have the best listeners out there.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Update--I'm Recovering Nicely, Thank You

Yet another update:

plying to do!

I am doing a LOT of spinning.
This is because I now have 6 weeks of paid time off, with no loss of vacation or sick or furlough time.
This is because I won my Workman's Compensation case for job-induced stress.
This is because I went to the ER 2 weeks ago today and complained of chest pains that would not stop (The EKGs showed that my heart is not only fine but in excellent shape, thanks to years of running.)
This is because I went to the Chief Psychologist earlier that day about working conditions on my yard and refused to ever return to my yard.
This is because the Acting Chief Psychologist called the Chief in, due to the state I was in and the abuses I was reporting.
This is because my supervisor felt it necessary to scream at me publicly and accuse me of absurd things.
This is because she figured out that I had already spoken to the Acting Chief Psychologist, and she went into a panic.
This is because my supervisor knew that I have an excellent reputation for hard work and professionalism, and she has been guilty in front of me for months, due to the stuff she has allowed to go on within our yard. She has been afraid I'd squeal, in other words.
This is because I did, indeed, squeal.
This is because my supervisor and former team-mates colluded to get a friend from another yard in trouble because he acted professionally a week before, and took over a committee when they were 45 minutes late for the committee. I listened to them lie throughout a staff meeting and arrange with my supervisor exactly how they would lie to damage his reputation.

And that was my breaking point.

And I went for help.

The Chief stated that he already had corroborating evidence for the accusations I was making. He tore apart the team. One person (I'll let you guess who) was reviewed for firing, as she had represented herself as licensed when she is not. That is illegal in CA. The cops (who loathe her anyway) report that she spent a week walking around "blubbery." I guess someone met the Chief in a Bad Way.

I am assigned to the One Yard with a team whose members I know and love and with whom I have worked before.

I am furiously working on my chemistry class, sleeping a lot, crying a bit, spinning when I am not doing any of the above, and starting to return to my old self. I return to work on October 6th at the earliest. I am starting to answer old mails thru Ravelry and regualr email, so my apologies if you have not yet heard from me, but I'll get on it. No more headaches from the concussion, either. It's amazing what 2 weeks off have done to heal me.

My 50th Birthday is tomorrow. I gave my myself the best gift possible--I took action and fixed things.

And I am SO GRATEFUL to you all, because I know a lot of praying and good energy were being sent at me to help me reach this place. 2,000 listeners doing that for me is a humbling and incredible thought. Witty, Humane, and Intelligent--and spiritual in the best ways.

My love also to Straphanging, who has kept the CFR on track with some gentle nudges at me at the right times. Also to the members of the AV Fiber Fiends, including (but not limited to) Loretta1031, Stashymama, HeyMindy, Casdena, LimeJuicy, Lexicom, FamilyDiva,and Jedimom

I gotta go ply and do some chemistry today! My grateful love to you all. Episode 96 WILL happen!