Saturday, January 30, 2021

Episode 12: Vaccinated

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There will NOT be a CFR (Cogknitive Fiber Retreat) this year.

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Warm Thanks Dept:

Tess and the Somebodies for some delicious ko-fi!

Dnaprice (Andrea) for jump starting me over on our Ravelry group.

What's On My Hooks and Needles:

In Progress:

Yule 2020 Socks in Poste Yarns (Simply Socks Co.) "Jollytown, TX": on the second sock, past the heel!
Twinface’s vest—at try-on time!
Rose Ohm Shawl—one repeat at a time each day of knitted-on lace edging 

Saving for expensive yarn: the gift card method.

I’m currently wearing...

Throw-on kind of knits:

My Three Favorite Resources:

Webs for supplies
Mimi's Needlebasket for supplies


On to ACCEPTS: how to self-distract when distressed, skills overlap.
C is for Contribute

Put a Lid On It:
 Baking Monday! Celebrating MLK and the spirit of peace and the day of service, while waiting to lose power.
Indian Instant Pot book for tomato-coconut soup
Sink of hot water as you go
Oven glove, tea towels, big apron

Something I Really Like:

Charity miles app 

Acorn TV code knitmore for a free month. $60/year or $6/month 
Mental health day Tuesday! See Put A Lid on It, above.
Windstorm from hades
Vaccine adventure 
—in your car or on foot
Take with:
*Comfy shoes *Mask *Face shield *Gloves
*Sanitizer *T.p. *Sock knitting *Phone battery
*Snack—protein, light stomach

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