Monday, January 11, 2021

Episode for Podcasters Jan 10, 2021


May we walk the road before us with wisdom and compassion.


Thanks to Jasmin Knitmore and Tinkerelli for the support!

Thanks to all of you crafty podcasters! Please keep up the great work! You play an important part in alleviating stress, especially at these turbulent times.

Podcasters: Please feel free to excerpt or use this information as useful. I would be happy to send you an MP3 file if you want to embed bits. All use is only for the relief of stress. No copyright is allowed for purposes of insurrection or sedition, with the understanding that the incoming government of President-elect Joe Biden is recognized here as the legal government. Please do not use for self diagnosis.

*If you'd like to use excerpts from this episode or the next special episode about stress management:

------On Ravelry: I am gemmadw Ask me there for any files you'd like from this episode or from the next one on managing stress.

*About Trauma

--can inflict immediate brain change, but PTSD is NOT going to happen to everyone

--victim cannot "just forget it"

--victim's brain can improve by just integrating event into their autobiography

--this results in brain in "losing interest"

*Treatments possible

--EMDR clinically (among others)

--appropriate sleep nightly

--bilateral stimulation of brain

--2-handed activities, including knitting and (probably) crocheting

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