Saturday, April 6, 2024

Episode 176: It's All Good

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tinyshinythings said...

OMG Gemma! My hall recently turned into the Peptobismal Palace. How did you know.? This is not a metaphor. It’s pink walls, woodwork and radiator. On the more cerebral side of things I was surprised you are in the same position as the Brits re doctors. Bored, don’t care and wanna go home. I’m being a bit harsh. There are still good doctors if you can get past the fanged receptionists. And as to what’s on my needles…my young festival going chum accidentally donated her favourite hat to a charity shop and was broken hearted. She told me she had a very long matching scarf and would I rip it out and knit another hat? Of course I would. No problem. I’ve been knitting 60+ years…..and I’ve never seen anything’s like this. The stitch pattern as brioche or half fisherman’s rib. Still no problem. I looked forward to learning a new to me stitch. But they yarn…..never seen anything like it. I ripped it out with great difficulty and realised it was an unspun single. With wear it had become matted and was totally disgusting, pulling apart at regular intervals and refusing to spit splice (also disgusting). I assumed it was wool tops. Who spins acrylic? Evidently someone does because that’s what the beast was. I put a match to a little bit of yarn and it melted away to nothing. Would you know where acrylic singles might come from? Is it possible to spin acrylics? Any info from you or your listeners would be most appreciated. Look after yourself. Much love. TST