Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Episode 141: Bring On The Happy

This episode will upload August 5, 2023

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Warm Thanks :
Everyone supporting CFR2023!
Welcome, Yarnopoly! Thank you for the generous donation for the raffle!
Little Fence/Monica--you're in! Please pay before Sept 1st
Cheryl Anglim--you're in!
Welcome Etsy Folks!

Cogknitive Fiber Retreat 2023: ALL INFO IS RIGHT HERE! It's the info thread on Ravelry.

But in brief:

*It’s on for Saturday, November 11, 2023. 9 AM to 5 PM (event room hours).

*Cost: $35 per adult attendee—PayPal to gemmadw AT not refundable 

*NEW: Last day, to pay attendance fee: September 1, 2023

Lisa Souza Yarns --confirmed hotel!!
Oink Pigments—confirmed!
Tina’s Soaps
Lazersheep Yarns—confirmed!! AND is making us a show-special colorway!!
Alpenglow—confirmed! Thanks, Carrie!

And the Sea Glass colorway by Dizzy Blonde Studio! Available with a shawl pattern from Brenda Castiel, who is designer GoodStuff, possibly in kits with shawl design, yarn, and pattern bag.

Mini skeins swap-- 25 g, about 100 yards, please. Patterns on the Ravelry info thread for the retreat.
Goody bags--10 Etsy per day.

What's On My Hooks and Needles:



In Progress:
Stash toss 2023 (8 in versus 42 out)  

Lanesplitter Skirt- I’ve turned the first corner and I’m on the straight-away--40 inches along! Restarting efforts 

More $3/yard fabrics coming. Yarn winding

Dizzy Blondes: 

Still working on more merino from
3rd bobbin (sigh), but no progress
A fuzz ball of Minerva daily continues: 1 per day
Unboxing the new Nano—not yet

Strategy: Little strokes fell great oaks--and they teach you who you are
Fluffy Books:

The Bridgerton books—sweetness of ordinary people with reasonable dialogue

Something I Really Like:  the US DOT page on airlines and what they owe you

Yarnopoly of SCV!—Santa Clarita’s own fiber group! They have a Facebook page!

Put a Lid on It: 
Tea tastings:  continue. 
Snarky Teas—woman-owned—now reports that it also uses no sugar or added sweeteners
Plum Deluxe—tranquil peach herbal

Pupdate--  Captain and Queenie: working on Q’s indoor skills
Watercolors: Taking Andrea Nelson's teach-able class and making the 1st lesson on brush handling into a landscape project....

Hubsdate: sprucing up the place: gardening every dawn and dusk
Happy 31st to us! Of course there was sushi...

Pollinators for Zone 9B: they’re home with us! prowling with the plant identification app "Picture This".

Farmers Defense--sleeves, gloves, hats, etc for gardening
Great Garden plants—reasonable prices, fine variety, shipped well


Cogknitive FiberRetreat 2023: Saturday, November 11, 2023
Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference: Anaheim, Dec. 12-17, 2023

And Minerva gets the last word: Totally purring: one for my friend (mi companero) Ricardo:

So excellent to see your words remembered! 

My Favorite Resources:


LYS and supplies:

Webs for supplies

The Altered Stitch in Valley Village, LA

The Knitting Tree in Airport-land, LA

Latelier on Ventura

Nice extras and Cool Stuff:

Birch and Cider for custom leather tags on Etsy

Razzberries Studios on Etsy for chatelaine supplies

Kings Creations on Etsy 3-D printed Creations--yarn bowls

Yarnopoly of SCV--Santa Clarita's own knitting group

Bags By Awesome Grannie--beautiful project bags on Etsy

BusyBee--on Etsy, hand-dyed wool, roving, and especially those measuring tape bracelets that I adore

The Maker's Stash--tastefully made bags, understated and classic

Wishful Knitting --whimsical knitting notions and tools

Betty Jo's Corner--laser cut tools for your fiber-work

Luna Fairy Cat--People Jewelry, Yarn Jewelry, and Book Jewelry

Yank Your Yarn--Pop-Culture Inspired Snag-Free Stitch Markers

Nexus Knits--Providing a handmade link for families and home. Stitchmarkers!

Also at:  sales support children's charities!

Seeking Sanity--Knitting, and Crochet Supplies

Sunrise Grove--Artisan knitting & embroidery notions, earrings & more

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