Saturday, June 5, 2021

Episode 30: Happy Memorial Day!

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Warm Thanks Dept:

Kayknit and JT whose name I fear to mangle. Thanks to you both for your very generous gifts.

I miss the porch swing too!

What's On My Hooks and Needles:


Roving Rug #2—still using up the roving stash, but stalled as I ran out of rougher roving. But this led to the (re)discovery of my camelid stash and more coarse roving hidden in the bedroom closet.

Ordered: Desert Churros Rovings (Etsy) --a batt from ram Cimaron to finish this with a dashing silver stripe.

In Progress:

Really Pretty Socks—on the leg of sock #1, past the heel stitches
 Wild Lettuce Shawl: on the knitted on lace edging, but not yet at the midpoint
Twinface’s vest (restarted in smaller size) It’s now in the mail and heading her way!
Temperature Blanket—caught up and angling around in orange-yellows

Eyeing..the owl post sweater...or another Agnes without pockets

I’m currently wearing...  

Sweat. It's 90F right now.

My Three Favorite Resources:

Webs for supplies
Mimi's Needlebasket for supplies

Dizzy Blondes:  



Distress tolerance: Urge Surfing! Ride the wave!

Put a Lid On It:

Sun tea. buns. hard-boiled eggs

Aw Shoot!

30 minutes per day; gear from the bottom up:  Carrying food and oddments; carrying a phone. Belts and arm straps

Fluffy Books:

by Ray Bradbury

Jodi Taylor
Chronicles of St. Mary’s

Lady Sherlock series

Something I Really Like:

wristband measuring tape


Eleanor update 
Hacked! The mini gets a scrub; VPN
The Blue Poppy (Etsy) has landed

Happy Memorial Day!

And Minerva gets the last word:

Morning hugs after 3 years of prep work


Zoe said...

Love the wristbands! I have one myself in black.

Zoe said...

I love the wristbands, I have a black one too.