Saturday, April 10, 2021

Episode 22: Dizzy Blonde

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Warm Thanks Dept:

kandbpurple for the astute comment about the sensory rescue kit. Here’s the list:

Sensory rescue kit that you can take along with you:

Cell phone - – for pictures that make you happy 
Bluetooth or wired earphones – – for songs that make you happy

Inside a Ziploc bag: 
Rollerball of essential oil for your sense of smell 
A few starburst fruit chews for your sense of taste 
If you cannot tolerate sugar: sugar-free natural cough drops for taste 
A small emery board to file your nails or simply rub on your fingers for touch.

What's On My Hooks and Needles:



In Progress:

Spectrum Socks—past the heel of sock #1
 Wild Lettuce Shawl: on the knitted on lace edging, but not knitting much on anything today
Twinface’s vest (restarted in smaller size) working on the second skein
Temperature Blanket—up to date!

I’m currently wearing...  COWLS! For warmer days over a dress...

And vests, when you need a turtleneck and leggings:

Socks: None for the foreseeable future. It's called "spring".

My Three Favorite Resources:

Webs for supplies
Mimi's Needlebasket for supplies

Dizzy Blondes:  
 my latest Electric Eel Wheel—IT'S HERE!!!
Churro roving—Desertchurrosroving on Etsy


IMPROVE the Moment: a different way to manage distress
O for One Thing at a Time

Put a Lid On It:

Pudding please, Mom!


Aw Shoot!

30 minutes per day; IBS and exercise and keto

Fluffy Books:

by Ray Bradbury

by Jasper Fforde

Something I Really Like:

Where the Hell is Matt? My favorite video with the best of his songs


60 Crisis: Covid-19 and Concussion—or the year that I truly was a dizzy blonde!
Vacation developments 

And Minerva gets the last word:
It’s the wee paw hanging off the edge (her symbol of possession) that always cracks me up.

1 comment:

Jane said...

Hi Dr. Gemma, I am a new listener and really enjoying your podcast. I found you through the Knitmore Girls episode where they played your strategies for coping with the insurrection in January. I love your honest frank unapologetic approach to life. Of course the fiber-related content is the highlight. I am a life long knitter and a brand new drop spindle spinner. Holding a good thought for you until you get to vacation.

Thank you for your podcast. Jane, Prairiepoet (Rav)