Wednesday, May 4, 2016

220: Rainy Fiji Days

So we made it to Fiji at time for Tropical Cyclone Xena...

CFR 8 is coming! Oct. 8, 2016!
More information here!

Information is here.
3 bears per person can be turned in at the Mother Bear Project booth at Stitches West (+ $3 per bear for shipping overseas)
Bears can also be turned in at CFR 8, if you are attending--again with $3 per bear for shipping.

15 Bears in 2015 is OVER! See below:

KNIT 15 BEARS IN 2015!!! Post a group pic of the 15 bears you've made for Mother Bear Project in 2015 by Dec 31, 2015 on our thread to compete for prizes. POST #93 has the list of who is where in this process.

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What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:

Finished (?)

First Crocheted Bear of 2016 from Fiji

In Progress:

Continental Knit Scarf in my own checkerboard pattern.

The OHM Shawl by Michelle Miller. Coming along at last! I've learned to take lifelines more seriously than ever!

Mystery Brown Socks

Dizzy Blondes: 

No--I am in Fiji!

Be prepared....really, I could use a maxim of Benjamin Franklin's here: an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Just obey your instincts and prepare when the urge strikes you.

Why, yes, one can make it through a monsoon with mimosas....

Book Report:
Cooperative Press: Amazing Lace: 13 Hand-Painted Shawls With and Without Beads by Sharon Mooney and Cheryl Potter

Put a Lid On It:

Well, right now, we are living off the hotel's rapidly-shrinking buffet...

You can make the pickled beet recipe from the Ball Book in a small batch, and NOT can them--just put them in the fridge and eat them! They also still make great pickled eggs too.

Aw Shoot!

Watching the hotel's lobby flood...

Whining about El Nino and trying to train in high winds this winter. So I am doing virtuals to urge myself onward in the difficult weather. Here is the medal for the Baker Street Virtual:

Doing the Couch to 10K program from Blue Fin Software on iOS.

Struggling to maintain a running program while coping with a messed-up thyroid.

Something I Really Like:
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Bluetooth earphones
Yes, earphones with no cords that also do NOT sit in your ears and that rely on vibrations from your skull for sound. So you can hear traffic around you.


My old dawg died, I don't have cancer, I took on some difficult patients, our initial trip to Fiji was cancelled, my Prius died life was briefly transformed into a sicko sort of Country-Western song...

Still no cancer...! But we had to say farewell to our beloved old Teddy at a magnificent 14 years of age. Baron has moved quietly into the place he was destined to fill as Chief Newfie and Boss Dawg of the farm.

The buffet was great...if rapidly shrinking. Here is a selection of desserts:

We celebrated my Beloved's birthday here on our 2nd day in the buffet at the Sheraton.


The Calendar of Upcoming Events:

August 18-21, 2016: Sunnybank again--northern new Jersey
Oct 8, 2016: CFR8! Mark your calendars!

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