Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Episode 144 on the fly


Here are the signatures of the wheelwright and his apprentice on my new Jensen wheel!

Celebrating our listeners who have joined the CogKnitive 25 – , 50 –, and 75 – Bear Clubs for MBP. You can see who they all are right here. Great work!

Have YOU completed 25, 50, or 75 bears for Mother Bear Project? Send me your snail and a link to your Ravelry projects page, and CogKnitive will send you a special wristband to celebrate with you.

Add yourself to our CogKNITive Listeners Map.

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:
My Noro Kuryon vest is done at last! I grew a brain and worked out how to do armholes and neckline.


Still in Progress:

The Pivot Shawl by FickleKnitter (Michelle Miller)...
I am past the midpoint on the knitted-on lace edging!


Don't miss Michelle's newest pattern in honor of our retreat: The Tehachapi Project Shawl

My Hitchin' a Ride Shawl in crochet, not worked on this week.
Traveling Woman --3rd repeat of Chart A is done. Nothing new on this one.
The Holly Holiday Stocking --10 more rows of pattern before toe decreases....

Dizzy Blondes:

Plied the BeeMiceElf Grapevine!

N-plied the 4 oz. bump of Lisa Souza SWM in colorway Agua Fresca.

And here is my newest wheel-Minerva the Jensen (#189 Tina Traveller, 1993):


Remember that depressed and/or anxious people really CAN'T feel good. They would if they could, believe me.

Something I Really Like: The oscar-winning movie Shakespeare in Love.

Put A  Lid On It: Pomegranates--more juicing!


CFR updates. Buy your pattern(s) for the Mother Bear bear-making class right here.  PATTERNS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE CFR.
A screwy sort of episode, recorded as I flew about, doing last-minute tasks for CFR2012.

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