Friday, December 18, 2009

Episode 69 is Live!

This is one honkin' BIG afghan!

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Coming in January...! A CAL/KAL! Made for you to use up all those annoying scraps! Details forming here on the CogKNITive blogger blog or on the Ravelry group here..

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: Still saving for a Lendrum wheel. BUT! Meanwhile, I am finished the Rippled Afghan! I'm nearly done the 2nd crocheted Country Cotton Shawl. I'm back on the Branching Out Scarf , learning to handle lace. I've reverted to my sock fetish and am making a new pair in a bamboo blend yarn--VERY soft & pretty! And still finishing my third quickie Knitted Neck Scarf--a 1-2-day project. Still not moving yet on the Eliina Shawl.

Strategy: Make a New Year's Plan--even just one! Instead of vague resolutions, spell out one detailed plan for success.

Something I Really Like: The joys of fresh salmon and a DH unafraid to use to use it!

Blather: It's a short episode, a kidney stone, a head cold, and holidays in a ain't pretty, but we're hanging in there!

My Salmon:
In 2 TBS olive oil, cook 2 tbs crushed garlic, then add salmon and pan fry until cooked through. Toss in lots of parsley and cook until it wilts. Add generous amount of lemon juice. At the last second before finishing, add a HUGE pile of grated parmesan. Put it all over curly pasta of some sort.

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Sandy Meadowws said...

I sent your link to my daughter, who is the first year of "wedded bliss"She can knit, but I thought your life strategies were the most iimportant thing right now, and momma is not the one to tell her. Thanks from the heart. Fiercemomma