Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Episode 94 is Live!

My TdF Navajo-plied successes

Here is my Navajo plying: top to bottom: Freckle Face Fibers turquoise, samples from the 2009 CogKNITive Fiber Retreat, More FFF.

Congratulations, Team CogSPINtive!!! The Tour de Fleece is finished and we made the proud showing that I have come to expect of you all. Well done!
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CogKNITive Fiber Retreat OFFICIAL DATE: Saturday October 2, 2010! Go check out the main CFR 2010 thread on Ravelry for details. We are on the waitlist, which is still mercifully short.

My warmest thanks to Susan of KnitAJourney Podcast for the delightful chat and interview, which you can find here. It was a blast for me, Susan--thanks for making me sound so coherent!

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: The list:

The Daybreak Shawl--At last! I'm working it again! An easy enough pattern to let a beginner get some great shawl satisfaction.
Ishbel Shawl --Okay, I lied. I haven't returned to it yet.
The Argante Shawl--Not this week.

Dizzy Blondes:
Navajo plying everything within reach. Have a peep at the photo above to see what I mean. MAN! Navajo plying has changed my spinning life!
Zarzuela's Fibers
Lisa Souza Knits
Freckle Face Fibers

Strategy: A bit more on the Acceptance phase of DABDA, and what you do when someone died and you did not give them the send-off you wish you could have.

Something I Really Like:  The Yowza Podcast. Give Lex a listen! But hang in there until she gets the sound more under control by Episode 3 or 4. Yarn on Wheels indeed!

Blather: Noser runs a bit wild, while I discover that one of the senior officers on my yard is human, despite years of experience that might have made a lesser man completely cynical.


Anonymous said...

I just learned how to navajo ply on the spindle over the weekend - I can't believe how cool this is myself. And get back to those Argante and Ishbel shawls - they're lonely...

Gemma said...

Yeah, I am totally addicted to the N-ply. As for shawls, well, I am finishing the Daybreak first, then we shall see about the others...

Pnutbutter Patty said...

Thank you for revisiting DABDA. I listened with mild interest when you were originally covering but two weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer and is probably not going to live more than a couple of years. I am going to go back and listen again to refresh my memory. I love how you addressed the people who said that true Christians don't go through this. I wanted to yell at the computer, "They are emotions people! Everybody has emotions!" But I might be a TAD sensitive right now. Keep up the good work, Dr Gemma.