Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Episode 92 is Live!

Go, Team CogSPINtive!

Go, Team CogSPINtive!!! The Tour de Fleece is well underway!

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CogKNITive Fiber Retreat OFFICIAL DATE: Saturday October 2, 2010! Go check out the main CFR 2010 thread on Ravelry for details..

What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: The list:

I finished something! The Country Cotton Shawl in the colorway Scarlet Bugler from Epicurus on Etsy:


The Daybreak Shawl--still being ignored.
Ishbel Shawl --I'm close to monogamous on this now. well, I plan to be...soon...
Toddler Socks--Creeping down the foot of the 2nd sock.
The Argante Shawl--Not this week.
The Mommy Shawl --Made the fringe and working on Skein #3 of 3.
The Morrison Mommy Shawl--a rush job to get odff to my excellent doc, Dr. Susan Morrison, who is also coming due really soon! Go, Doc! Must. Make, More. Fringe!

Dizzy Blonde: I'm spinning some fantastic superfine merino from FreckleFaceFibers, one of our excellent vendors at the CFR 2010. Look at that photo above for the colors!

Strategy: Live in your Now, with occasional trips to your past or future for relief.

Something I Really Like:  Ipod Touch Apps I love (all free):
Zombie Farm
TapFish Exotic
Contacts (comes with)
Notes (comes with)
Sudoku (free--Mighty Mighty Good Games)
The Game of Life
B&N Ereader
Kindle Ebook Reader (for the Ipod)
Lion Yarn App

Blather: We've had one team member promoted to supervisor, so the Ad/Seg team is going to be shaken up. An inmate demonstartes why you need to try to live your life in your present. Some CFR 2010 updates. Dr Gemma tries to get back in school. And the trip to Phoenix next week is rapidly approaching!

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Mirzabella said...

Hey, I just wanted to leave a little note about eReading and the Kindle vs the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. You said if you would read online that much you would want one of the Apple machines. I say heartily unto you: NO! :o)

Your eyes would be much happier with you if you got a Kindle. If you just want something to read with, it is not back lit and can be read anytime for as long as you would want without eyestrain.

If you wanted a mini computer go for the iPad, or better yet a netbook... even more flexible!

Long time listener, first time commenter!


(a crafter and Kindle fan)