Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Episode 79 is Live!


Our own Knittinwolf/Dawn of Wolfe Farms is running a contest to make lapghans for elderly people living at the same home as her grandmother. Details here.

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:Okay, so this is not exactly knitting or crocheting--but here is the redecoration project mentioned. I've turned the heel on the 2nd of my bamboo-blend socks . Craving lace. DESPERATELY!

Dizzy Blonde: Aeventid is still packed up as I redo her home in my studio!

Strategy: Only ever say positive things about your workmates to your workmates. Don't gossip on the job!

Something I Really Like: A brief tribute to The Electric Sheep on its first pod-iversary.

Blather: Back on the job! The good people missed me; the same crazy people are still crazy. But what a difference two weeks have made in how I feel! A peaceful Sunday in the Infirmary catches me up before the full working onslaught begins.


nosenabook said...

Could be a problem - I got one minute 21 seconds (1:21) from iTunes!

Gemma said...

Libsyn ate it. Stay tuned for the fix!