Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Donations Button

So I added a Paypal button for donations at the top right of this page.

Let me tell you, I feel really weird about this. But I would rather I had a stable place to put offered donations than in my pocket, as I did last week. (grin--thanks, Nathan!)

This is not a threat or a demand. The podcast costs $10 per month so far! I am already able to finance 2.5 months from the store and another half month from Nathan and have an offer for another month from The Knitmores (yes, I love you both.).

So we are paid up for quite a while already!

For now, if you donate $10, I'll make and mail you a distaff. As soon as enough money accumulates, I will look at other freebies from the store.

I am also looking at purchasing web storage to maintain an archive of previous episodes.

You all are making it possible. But, if all else fails, hey, I can still manage $10/month for Libsyn! So no pressure!


Susieknitster said...

Thank you for your great podcast. I look forward to it and really enjoy listening to it as I drive. I just donated and would give more, anything to keep your wonderful podcast going. My husband works for the federal governmnent, so I know what it is like to work for government, long hours, no overtime pay and an only ok salary. Keep up the great work.

Gemma said...

Why, thank you. Happily, a podcast can be a relatively inexpensive way to reach people, so your generosity is already more than enough!

Josephine said...

Hooray!!! I'm so happy! I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I'm glad you are taking donations, I'll come again on payday!! What is a distaff? Does it go on a wheel? What if I don't have a wheel? I could save it for when I get one, one day..... Hmmm.

Susanne said...

The nurse practitioner from MN is throwing in a contribution to continue your podcast.