Saturday, July 16, 2022

Addendum: Safe at Home


Just a brief addendum to let everybody know that we are all safely home and happily together. 

*Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up on July 25 
*Queenie will be arriving this Tuesday evening in either Victorville or Corona, so our next big trip will be to pick her up on Tuesday. 
*I took the day off both Friday (yesterday) and today (July 16 Saturday) just to rest up and get over this whole week. 
*I woke up this morning with a minor sore throat, but mainly happy and snuggled up to the beloved husband. 
*Of course the hero of all of this is the beloved husband, who really rose to the event. 
*I spent Thursday and Friday here in Southern California, rushing my son around his normal events and getting repairs done on my husband‘s car and an oil change as a form of gratitude and thankfulness to him.