Saturday, February 20, 2021

Episode 15: Valpaca


Beloved Son gave me a Valentines Alpaca!

Eleanor thinks Minerva is getting too much air-time on the podcast.

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Warm Thanks Dept:

Yolanda H/Some Frills and Zoe Juniper for some delicious ko-fi.

What's On My Hooks and Needles:


Rose Ohm Shawl—eight years in the making and I am SO glad that I finished this! It is so lovely.

In Progress:

 Wild Lettuce Shawl: newest lace project 

Twinface’s vest (still in transit)
Temperature Blanket— Brava acrylic yarn from Knit Picks in 2 sets of the Hue Shift blanket kit.

200 Fair Isle Motifs by Mary Jane Mucklestone


Bulky from Knit Picks in Wool of the Andes in “currant”
Because who wouldn’t make a sweater for $43? Arrived!

I’m currently wearing...

Socks: scrap socks recipe:
Top dow.
2” 1x1 rib in color one.
1” stockinette stitch in each of 5 other colors.
Make legs of each sock match like identical twins.
Do waste yarn on one side for afterthought heel.

On sock #1: Use unloved color #1 for foot of sock #1.
Do heel in unloved color #2.

On sock #2: Use unloved color #2 for foot of sock #2.
Do heel in unloved color #1.

Maxed out on knitware: socks as above, rikke hat, mitts, clapotis shawl, Agnes sweater
And the dress is handmade 

My Three Favorite Resources:

Webs for supplies
Mimi's Needlebasket for supplies

Dizzy Blondes:  
No spinning action currently, but awaiting my latest Electric Eel Wheel


On to ACCEPTS: how to self-distract when distressed, skills overlap.
E is also for self-care to manage your emotion.
P is for push-away-the brief mental break

Put a Lid On It:
Replacing the Romertopf

Gratefully swiped from Williams Sonoma site

Aw Shoot!

30 minutes per day; back to the Fitbit! Tracking eat-sleep-exercise

Something I Really Like:

Mobiscribe—a cross between a Rocketbook, a reMarkable and an Android tablet 

Re-vax scheduled
Windstorming and power shut-off coming
Libsyn issues
Adding upcoming projects to my queue to use up yarn leftovers

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