Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never say "Never."

I wish I had a picture of this.

I was in Bakersfield last night as a severe windstorm struck the area, including our farm. The pool blew over, and the tent collapsed in our front yard.  When the animals were frightened, my Beloved made the decision to bring the smallest ones into the house.

So Baron and the 3 alpacas spent a few hours inside. In the master bedroom, as it was the most easily accessible space to get 3 frightened camelids and a boisterous 160-pound Newfie pup into.

After a few hours, the winds died, the animals relaxed, and everyone went out again. In case you are wondering, they ALL are house-broken.

I would have done the same thing. The animals have to come first.

BTW, I love you, Sweetheart. After 25 years, I am amazed at how many times a day, I still realize that marrying you was a great call.

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