Sunday, April 28, 2013

Episode 161: A Day at the Breach


AT LAST! The Adapted Pivot Shawl has been blocked!

Are YOU ready for the 2013 CogKnitive Fiber Retreat!?!

SIGN-UPS for CFR V begin:
June 1st--if you have already attended a CFR
July 1st--if you have NEVER attended a CFR

More information here!

CONTEST: Get those designs for the CFR 5 graphic in asap!

Celebrating our listeners who have joined the CogKnitive 25 – , 50 –, and 75 – Bear Clubs for MBP. You can see who they all are right here. Great work!

Have YOU completed 25, 50, or 75 bears for Mother Bear Project? Send me your snail and a link to your Ravelry projects page, and CogKnitive will send you a special wristband to celebrate with you.

Add yourself to our CogKNITive Listeners Map.

We have a website at You can find older episodes there.

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I am gemmadw on  Twitter and Pinterest, and DrGemma on Plurk.

What's On My Hooks, Needles, and Spindles:


The Pivot (above) and the Rosebush Traveling Woman:



The Tehachapi Project Shawl. --but not yet blocked...

Still in Progress:

The Boneyard Shawl --here are the colors from Wildfiber (see below for link):


Bears for the Mother Bear Project--my 13 bears in 2013 project continues with Bears 30-32.

Dizzy Blondes:
AT last (part 2): I have finished plying and skeining the 400 yards of the llama/alpaca/silk/merino. And now I own 12 oz of the fiber dyed for the last CFR by Desert Vista Dyeworks.

Remember your network and those of others. Mercy towards one is a gift to people you cannot even imagine...and now is a fine time to donate blood to your local medical facilities or Red Cross.

Put A  Lid On It:
Pickling beets. So easy and so rewarding! Fresh beets, a crockpot, white vinegar, water, sugar, pickling spice, cheesecloth. Recipe available online and in the Ball books. Get a good pickling spice blend from Penzeys. And Aunt Mim's Cake and scones and polenta.

Be ready: Strawberry and other berry seasons are upon us!

Something I Really Like:
Ginger Pear Blossom Tea from Trader Joe's.


CFR5: Five Peaches Walk into a Bar... is on its way! Info, a contest, some ideas, and all the news you can stand...! Taxes, professional stuff, and the Second Annual LA Yarn Crawl.

Interviews with Yarnover Truck and Wildfiber of Santa Monica.




Thanks to Wildfiber for the great yarn for my next Sontag-style shawl:


And I found JediMom at Wildfiber!



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