Sunday, January 22, 2012

Episode 121 is Live!


Yep. one bear was waylaid and claimed by the Beloved Child.

Let's get those bears going for Mother Bear Project!

The annual Mother Bear Project CAL/KAL has begun! The CAL/KAl ends when I get to Stitches West on Feb. 25th (I think). Follow the fun here.

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:

3 bears, one of which (in the photo above) will not be heading to Mother Bear, due to interception by a small child. But here are the other two that I finished last weekend with the support of my knitting group, the AV Fiber Fiends:


These are my bears numbers 12 and 13 for Mother Bear Project.

Still in Progress:

Two more bears are ready for their finishing work.

No more work since last episode on:

My extremely well-fitted (so far) Noro Kuryon vest

And the endless Petal Shawlette.

I am really trying to be monogamous for Mother Bear.

Dizzy Blondes:

YES!!!!!! Damnation! I am STILL working on some SW BFL by BeeMiceElf. I neeed to get down to some serious plying with my other finished singles! I amk STILL trying to hack up a lung with my typical winter respiratory problem!

Strategy:Learn to speak all the languages around you.

Something I Really Like:

McDonald's hot chocolate. I am ashamed to admit that it is much better than the so-called hot chocolate served at my other favorite drive-through. This may be related to the fact that McDonald's actually is using chocolate, as opposed to flavored syrups.

Instructions from our own beloved KnittyBarb on how to turn in your bears for the Mother Bear CAL/KAL at Stitches West, Baron updates, HeyMindy gets crazy on bear feet, I get mugged by a psychiatrist, and the original bear number 13 gets hijacked.


Sandi said...

I enjoy your podcast so much, and am learning to manage crazy. Just don't tell my DH. Your canning adventures sound delicious. I'll have to do some research before June. Thanks for all your efforts!

Melissa F. in CA said...

Awwww love the pictures :)

Grammee said...

We have enjoyed some of her canning treats.. they were wonderfully 'YUMMY' :D

Hey Lady, call if you get a chance, we have 'Good News' in the making.. HUGZ

P.S. our 2 yr old granddaughter, would love to have one of the bears.. do you do monkeys? they are her favorite :D

Knitting Rose said...

Thank you for podcasting. I really appreciate it! I think you have valuable information for the rest of us. I am so sorry about your encounter with the prison "doctor". That sounded absolutely horrific and sadistic. I am thankful that you don't have to deal with him/that on a permanent basis. Hold onto yourself (you know what I mean) and take YOUR reality. I wish I could give you a hug - but a virtual one will have to do.