Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode 104 is Live!

Vince and Pat Bears

Thanks for your patience between episodes. It's been quite the challenging time lately, but we're all doing okay here at CogKNITive Ranch. Here are my finished bears for this year's Mother Bear Project CAL/KAL. They are "Pat and Vince", in honor of my late parents.

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle:
The list:

Do you hear the sound of ice cracking? That's because I finished my Ishbel Shawl, so Hell must have frozen over while we were not looking.


Still in Progress:

Third set of Orchard Mitts. I just love these for using up bits and bobs of  my handspun.

Office throw: The only reason I don't finish this is because I have been too sick to be in my office lately. So close!

Dragonsbreath Cowl: A variation on the braided cowl from the last Winter KnitSimple Mag. I am using some very uneven bulky handspun to hide the uneven-ness and get an amazing cowl.

A Quick Buzz: Not so quick, but my take on the Argante Shawl and very pleasant knitting.

Dizzy Blondes:

More spins:

I am working away on Whippoorwill, my new HitchHiker. Carolina Homespun 20/80 Silk Merino Sliver

On AEventid: Fat Cat Knits SWM,  Sweet Tortie Colorway,  Singles.

Sweet Tortie

Strategy: About Passive-Aggressive People--Fixing the problem where you can.

Something I Really Like: Automated postal machines and mailing off the MBP load once more. The Kindle app for Ipod Touch.

Blather: Mother Bear Project CAL/KAL is over at last, but the mailings go on. Death, bronchitis, and actual good cheer, along with some pleasantry from Stitches West. No, seriously, I am not podfading, that I know of. Just living in the strange lane for a while. And the book is in progress at last!

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