Sunday, May 2, 2010

Episode 85 is Live!

Michelle's Mommy Shawl, on Flickr
Here is yet another Mommy Shawl, this time for new Mommy Michelle! I think every mommy needs one of these.
For some odd reason, this recording switches into mono in a few places. Sorry!

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What's On My Hook/Needles/Spindle: Still ignoring my Daybreak Shawl. Dead stop on the Ishbel Shawl in Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca handpainted laceweight, as I wait for my buddy Tally to make me some lace stitch markers. No guilt, Tally! (love ya!) REALLY nearly done the first of the Toddler Socks. I am enthusiastically enjoying Argante! In Ella Rae's Merino lace, colorway 114. But I'll never get it done in 2 nights, as one Raveller reports she can. Amazing! Oh, yeah, I have frogged it 4 times. Some of us learn slowly... Right now I am just letting myself work on the Mommy Shawl (pictured above). Get the recipe here. Make it, love it, beat it up, and still love it. It's wonderful for breastfeeding your baby in a cool hospital room, and it's a fine cover-up for nursing when you and Junior are on the road together.

Dizzy Blonde:  (Le Sigh).  In the words of Pepe Le Peu.

Strategy: Dealing with the Aging/Ill Parent: DABDA--Denial. (wince.)
Something I Really Like: Nyquil and its clones. Not for the kiddies to take, though!

Blather: Our 100th episode is coming up quickly. In the tradition of The History of Rome podcast, I am going to make Episode 100 a purely question-and-answer episode. So you can ask me any questions here, and I'll answer what I can. You can also ask any questions here, if you are not on Ravelry, and I'll add them to the queue.

Sick on the job. Yes, I got home okay after this recording! Meditating on my hypochondria. Newbies to prison and how they react. Please do not pepperspray my food, Officer!


FuguesStateKnits said...

Hi Dr. Gemma! Sorry you've been under the weather and hope you are feeling better soon. Love the colors you chose for the Mommy shawl:)!
We in "merlin" believe in global warming - it hit close to 100 degrees F at the Sheep and Wool Festival! Yikes! Normally, it's in the 60s this time of year. And you are getting snow in the desert? Who knew?

Gemma said...

Whew--I was glad to take a miss on MD this year when I heard about the weather. I have serious seasonal allergies on the East Coast, so I would have been dying. I do hope you had a blast though!

Ilix said...

Easy shawls for mommies... a great gift idea. I will do my part for mommies I know... but honestly I usually just make what they want me too! LOL The mommy knitting request line!