Monday, June 22, 2009

Episode 50 is Live!


Here's my newest spindle from Yorkieslave!

What's On My Hook/Needles: I am FINALLY on the toe decreases of Sock #2 for Sock Queen! No crocheting this week.
Spinning this week--Corriedale cross fiber from Cosmic Fibers Yarns and STILL on  Lisa Souza Elektra and STILL on Lambkamp's cashmere. And a NEW SPINDLE from YorkieSlave over on Etsy! It's DIVINE!
A Strategy: Anger 101--Developing the anger plan--Relax! Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Counting, a good shower, and more...

Something I Really Like: WWKIP Day! With more Knitmore than ever before!

Blather: Gigi and Mr. K visit and are AMMMAAAAZING fun. Gigi sweeps my knitting group off their collective feet and gets the permanent "come visit anytime" sign hung out for her down here.

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Christine said...

C'mon Dr. Gemma, where's the KIP pics?!?! I want to see what I missed!