Saturday, March 28, 2009

Episode 38 is Live!


Many apologies for the long wait--I am low on space on Libsyn. But I used my time constructively, hosting a party with members of several species as guests...

What's On My Hook/Needles: New podcast alert!
Gives Good Knit. Tikabelle is reviewing great lit and great knit!

And some old favorites that always rock:
Knitmore Girls
Socks in the City by Dharmafey

I'm still working on the ripple afghan, the cowl is back in production, the sock is sooo close to completion, and the baby blanket squares grind onward. I'm spinning Lisa Souza fiber and fiber from Dyeing for Colour. My spndles are from Ghostworks on Etsy and a Schacht from Urban Fauna Studios. I am awaiting a lazy kate for drop spindlers from Spinsanity.

A Strategy: Information about Hypnosis

Something I Really Like: Sardines and sardine sandwiches

Blather: My week can be very weird--inmate oddities.

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Cheryl Coville said...

Hi Dr. Gemma,
I really enjoy your podcast and I found the info on self-hypnosis particularly interesting. Do you think self-hypnosis could help with music performance anxiety? Years ago (as a child) I played piano in relative comfort but 2 years ago (at age 50-something), I began to study classical guitar and discovered to my surprise that performing in public makes me extremely anxious...with sweaty palms and trembling fingers. I'd really like to overcome this fear. Thanks for any insights you might have.