Monday, March 16, 2009

Episode 37 is Live!

Now live on libsyn! get this episode there!

My spun thread before (green) and after (orange) meeting Shar and company at Stitches West. Look at the difference!

What's On My Hook/Needles: Lots about my new rovings and their sources:

Royale Hare
Carolina Homespun
Lisa Souza

And I'm still working on the ripple afghan, the cowl, the sock (the heel HAS been turned, and the baby blanket squares.

A Strategy: Get some perspective: Will I care about this problem a year from now?

Something I Really Like: Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches

Blather: The last time I'll rave about Stitches--REALLY!


Susieknitster said...

I listen to your podcasts all the time and always come away with a new idea or perspective. This podcast especially kept my attention and gave me a new perspective on things. As I listened it was like I knew what you were going to say before you said it. I knew your conclusions before you said them. It is important to look at things from a different perspective. The prisoners saw that, it is to bad that it most probably didn't stick with them long enough or permantently. It would certainly change how they acted. As for the knitting, I want to start spinning with a hand spindle and save up for a spinning wheel. You always give me a new perspective on life, after listening to you. Please continue broadcasting and knitting

Knitlark said...

Hi Dr. Gemma,

I found you again on libsyn after frustration with mypodcast. I had to relocate my own podcast from to libsyn also. Libsyn has been great.

You have inspired me, and I started a podcast where I read Classic Literature aloud. I hope that people will listen to me as they knit or crochet.

Right now I am reading Notre Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) by Victor Hugo.
I also explain any unusual vocabulary and the historical context.

After the read aloud, there is another segment, Just a Bit More. It might include Knitting Tales -- stories about my knitting adventures (I am only at the Advanced Beginner stage).
Or it might be Need to Read (book reviews), Podcast Pilgrim (other podcasts I like) or Walk With Me (what happens and what we might see when we walk in different locations).

You might be interested that the very first Podcast Pilgrim segment (Episode 5) talks about how much I like the CogKNITive podcast.

My podcast is called Knitlark Lane. It is at and there is a blog at http:/

If you would consider giving me a \"shout out\" on your terrific podcast, I would really be grateful. I hope people like what I do. I have one blind listener and one shut-in who inspire me to do a the best job that I can.

I can be reached at, and I am Knitlark on Ravelry.

Thanks so much for all you do. Your strategies remind me of what is important in life. I am a college professor, and I think you know how that can be. It is easy to get wrapped up in little things and forget the utter joy that comes from teaching.

Keep up the great work, Dr. G!

Celeste Tremaine of Knitlark Lane