Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Episode 25 is live

What's On My Hook/Needles: The new Sensations Licorice scarf and the yarn fumes of big-box stores

A Strategy: Apologies, part 2--When the recipient won't accept the apology

Something I Really Like: "Dog" is "God" spelled backwards...And that's my dog Artemis up there, guarding our bed.

Blather: Why we stash beyond what we need or even really want--theories

Also, please donate $1 through PayPal to Nicole's Wheelchair--a contest until January 3rd!!! Details in episode 23 and in the shownotes here for Episode 23. Respond with an amount if you give more than $1. ALL responses with donations of at least $1 get a share in the raffle for some luscious yarny and knitterly/crocheterlike prizes!


Julie D. said...

NOOOOOOOO ... it isn't downloading. Just taunting me with it's grayed-out letters and the devilish "stopped (err = ...)" message!

Dawn said...

What a perfect name for your dog...love the name Artemis! He's beautiful!

Gemma said...

Yes, I cannot get an Itunes download either....hmmmm...bad Itunes, no cookie.

Thanks for loving on my Artemis! She is a dignified pog in photos and quite the big galomphing klutz IRL!

Julie D. said...

I can't get it to download OR play from your podcast page either. Just thought I'd say ...

Dhampyr Purl said...

I am catching up on the many many podcasts that I follow. I just listened to this episode. I enjoyed it so much, I listened to it twice. We have 2 German Shepherds and one of them looks like yours. The other is a long-hair. Both are gorgeous. Not too biased. My puppies and fiber are the solutions for my need for warm and fuzzy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Gemma,
Thanks for the great podcast. I just wanted to comment on a couple things...
Firstly: Double Cream. Yum! If you ever come to Oz check out King Island double cream. I've never tasted pumkin pie so I guess I'll have to wait for a visit to the US to do that.
Secondly: Yes, I'm a John Williams fan too. Have you seen this utube video - you might enjoy it.


Thirdly...I just wondered if yarn stash is a bit like a self soothing activity...or rather looking in the yarn store is self soothing and so the stashing arises from this activity. Or maybe the balls of yarn are like teddy bears...would that be transitional objects in psychology speak?

Thanks so much for a great podcast. I have one too so I know how much goes into making them and you put them out so regularly - I'm still catching up.

Cheers from Australia

tinyshinythings said...

Hi Dr G. Thanks for another great one! I subscribe to loads of podcasts but I always go to you first, closely followed by the Knitmores. I am an axiety survivor too and had a special needs child at one times. You are a wise woman Dr G. I wish you strength and stamina. You will triumph.

Sal in Scotland

Gemma said...

Thanks, Sal--That was the right comment at the right time! i needed that. All the best to you adn yours!