Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Episode 18 is Live

Recorded before Thanksgiving, but I still give thanks in a few places.

What's on My Hook/Needles:
Same old Stuff...just more of it.

A Strategy: Do an Experiment

Something I Really Like: the Harry Potter books and their author, Jo Rowling

Blather: Changes at work and a little Axis 2 for you


susan93940 said...

Dear Dr. Gemma,
Thanks for answering my question on the podcast.

As it turns out, there is such a round of parties and choir performances, that I'm getting only tiny amounts of knitting done here and there. After Christmas, things will settle down and there will be more time for knitting.

Susan93940 on Ravelry

Julie D. said...

Hey Dr. Gemma ... your podcast has been highlighted on Forgotten Classics. This is a longer than usual episode but you are within the first 12-15 minutes. Cheers! Julie D.

Gemma said...

Hey, Julie--lucky for me, I actually listen for the stories--but I'll undoubtedly enjoy the review too! Seriously, THANKS!! I must away to listen...

Julie D. said...

Actually I just listened to your EP18 last night and wish I had done so before my review ... I completely agree with you about J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books (except for not being able to say if they were psychologically accurate or not ... but as a mom, they struck me as dead-on right). I'd love to have been able to mention that. C'est la vie!

jo said...

i think we should definitely make up a master list of drinking game rules.