Thursday, November 20, 2008

Episode 15 is Live!

I am happy to bring you a fresh episode, in which I am not mute, but a prisoner is, I am not competing with someone else to speak, but 2 Starbucks ladies are, and there is lots of happy stuff.

What's On My Hook/Needles: 7 Little Gift Bags, the Log Cabin Project, the Yule Stocking, I Need a Vest!, and 1 finished Unique Sheep Sock!

A Strategy: Reality testing

Something I Really Like: Drive-Throughs!

Selective Mutism, Minx and Murphy need your help and kind thoughts, and
Knit Naturally podcast
Socks in the City Podcast


jo said...

isn't it grammatically bad karma to spell "drive-thru" with the silent letters? ;) EVIL Dr. Gemma must be at her dastardly deeds again....

-another point for usage of the word "frakking"

i have got to try this peppermint hot chocolate, especially if this episode is evidence of the buzz it gives the quaffer.

In other news, you have certainly struck a chord with some of your topics. Have you read the latest Lion Brand Yarn newsletter? It contains an article on using yarn to deal with stress. But some of us already knew you were ahead of the game. ;)

Gemma said...

Interestingly enough, I wrote to Lion Brand last wek and described my podcast to them, mentioning that I gave them a shout-out. Ya gotta wonder, y'know?